A Proud History

The first meeting of the “Elie Sailing Club” took place on 4th March 1964 in the offices of D. & A. Cook (Solicitors) High St. Elie. The acquisition of suitable premises to be used as a clubhouse was given a high priority at subsequent meetings and the club was fortunate in being offered the premises adjacent to the Ship Inn. Also decided was a change of title to Elie & Earlsferry Sailing Club.

In 1971 the Elie town council agreed to the lease to the club the piece of ground which is now the club dinghy park. From the outset, the club received wholehearted support from most sections of the local population. Applications for membership flooded in not only from those anxious to participate in sailing activities but also from those happy to play only a passive role but wished to support the club.

Admiral James was approached and agreed, to become the club’s Honorary Commodore. With a grant of £40 from the Elie Improvements Association the club bought a GP14 dinghy for the use of club members and for training purposes. The boat was aptly named “Bubbles” to remember the fact that in his boyhood Admiral James, who was blessed with curly hair, was the model for the famous painting by Millais of a little boy blowing bubbles which in later years became the advert for Pears Soap.

In early 1976 after discussions begun in 1975 with the OK Dinghy Association it was agreed that the OK Nationals championships would be held at Elie 7-14th August 1976 this was perhaps the most ambitious outside event that the club had undertaken – probably since. 85 entries with followers amounted to approx. 150 persons to be looked after by the club for one week.

Much has changed since then - we now have a great new clubhouse and many more facilities. What remains the same through all the years, is the spirit of camaraderie which still survives today as it did then.

Happy sailing . . .

Tom Maccabe
Hon. Commodore